Lawn Care

About Our Lawn Care Services

United Landscapes began as a family-owned landscape company in 2019. With over half a decade of service to Atlanta and surrounding areas, we’ve become known as the premier landscaping company.

At United Landscapes, it is our number one goal to help our clients create and maintain beautiful lawns and landscapes while never slacking on quality or customer satisfaction.

It is through these methods that have allowed us to become Atlanta’s number one choice when residents search for “lawn care near me”.

Maintenance Programs

Should your inclinations gravitate towards the realm of landscape craftsmanship and installation, the art of upkeeping outdoor spaces, the dynamic palette of seasonal hues, or the finesse of hardscape composition, our team of landscape architects and botanical virtuosos stands poised to assist you in manifesting your every imaginative aspiration into tangible beauty.

Residential Maintenance Program

The weekly program is designed for those who expect proper horticultural care of their exterior landscape.

Commercial Maintenance Program

United Landscape Company will maintain all aspects of your exterior maintenance and provide you with a reporting system that will keep you up to date on the condition of your property.

Weekly Residential Maintenance Program

A specially trained crew will be on-site each week to perform the following lawn care services:

Hand pruning of ornamental plant material

Ground cover control

Insect and disease control

Weed control

Tree maintenance


Leaf removal

Cleanup of landscaped areas

Cleanup of landscaped areas

Commercial/HOA Maintenance Program

We understand that modern property managers shoulder significant responsibilities. Balancing security, budgeting, and the needs of demanding tenants places a premium on effective time management. While we can’t eliminate these challenges, we can streamline the time you invest in landscape management through our maintenance services.

At United Landscapes, we take charge of all your exterior maintenance requirements. Our comprehensive reporting system ensures you stay well-informed about your property’s condition. We diligently monitor your landscape’s well-being and provide suggestions to elevate your overall outdoor aesthetics for the future.